Cook Unlimited package

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  • One stop solution for selling home cooked food. We get you orders, we collect payments, we arrange for deliveries. So you pursue your passion for cooking and make money of it.
  • Membership Limit 1 year
  • Sell limit : 50000
  • Usage: Unlimited
  • HOME COOKED FOOD at its best.
  • KUKKR empowers every housewife to become an entrepreneur.
  • Are you cooking delicious food for your family every day?
  • Is your kitchen neat and kept at the best hygiene?
  • Want to be a micro entrepreneur working from your home?
  • Want your cooking skills to be recognized and encouraged?
  • You are known for cooking your regional specialty?
  • Want to make anywhere from Rs 25,000 to Rs 100,000 per month without much of an extra effort?
  • Call KUKKR, and become part of our specialty cook team
  • You cook what you are good at, and we take care of the rest….We deliver your food where it's appreciated the most.
  • At KUKKR, we provide you the best value for your quality and taste. HOME COOKED FOOD at its best.
  • We are set to UBERIZE the FOOD INDUSTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!