An implicit problem associated with both husband and wife working in this busy lifestyle is cooking food at home. On days that neither the body nor mind is up to it all, cooking becomes an onerous chore, so take-out from a restaurant has become a norm which has fueled obesity, turning it into an epidemic. Food from certain restaurants have higher amounts of oil, salt, sugars, fats and preservatives for a longer shelf-life, and this is a primary cause for the increasing prevalence of high cholesterol levels and skyrocketing levels of obesity, leave alone the sub-standard of hygiene maintained.

Cooking at home is very important, the emphasis on home cooked food is a widely promoted standard for the good health of the family.

A solution is simple…

Call KUKKR….

KUKKR serves you the same food a mother has cooked for her children or women for her family with utmost care for good health and best taste, at your convenience. It could be a regional specialty at its best too.

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